Computer Programs for Astrogeographical Research – ASTROGEO & SINEWAVE

These two programs are intended to be used as astrogeographia research tools in conjunction with the book.

Astrogeographia - Correspondences between the Stars and Earthly Locations - A Bible of Astrology and Earth Chakras by Robert Powell and David Bowden—click here. Finding the answers to astrogeographia research questions is greatly facilitated by these programs because they can easily compute what otherwise must be done as many time-consuming hand-calculations. From their output, pictures begin to build and insights are gained. When more precise research is suggested, it can be checked out by calculating with full accuracy star data from an ephemeris.

You can order these programs by calling the Sophia Foundation administrative office directly at (303) 242-5388, or by sending us an e-mail at [email protected].

The purchase price is $40.00 USD plus a $3.50 shipping and handling fee if ordered from within the United States. If ordering from outside the United States please contact the Sophia Foundation directly for shipping and handling fees.

Astrogeo and Sinewave work with any 32-bit Windows operating system. N.B. NOT WORK with 64-bit Windows systems.

ASTROGEO program

This program calculates a star's projection onto the Earth or the reverse calculation of finding which star corresponds to a given place on Earth. It is based on the astrogeographia equations of latitude and longitude described in the book and can calculate these equations for any year in the range from 2950 BC to 2950 AD. Accuracy over the 5900 years is about 0.5°, which corresponds to 35 miles (56 kilometers) on the surface of the Earth.

SINEWAVE program

This program calculates a star's declination journey and also its latitude journey on the surface of the Earth over and beyond the 25920 years of the Earth's precession cycle. It is based on the sinewave formulas described in the book, which can be calculated for any year from 25000 BC (or earlier) to AD 25000. Accuracy is to within several degrees over the 50000 years. One degree of error corresponds to approximately 69 miles (111 kilometers) on the surface of the Earth. Improving on the accuracy of the results is easy with the Astrofire astrosophy computer program by manually stepping adjacent to the years indicated by the SINEWAVE program output.

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