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Anthroposophic Psychology – 3 Year Certificate Program

April 6, 2022–November 6, 2024
Kimberton Hills, Pennsylvania, USA

Develop new interpersonal and professional skills to bring to clients, to loved ones, and to the world at large. Discover increased self-knowledge and self-compassion.

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Exploring New Forms of Astrology

June 12, 2020–December 17, 2019
Boulder, CO

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Rosamira Circles in North Carolina

December 8, 2019–June 7, 2020
Chapel Hill, NC USA

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Boulder Choreocosmos Weekly Wednesdays

October 16, 2019–May 27, 2020
Boulder, CO, USA

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Boulder Choreocosmos Eurythmy Sundays

October 13, 2019–May 31, 2020
Boulder, CO, USA

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Boulder Choreocosmos Sunday Intensives

November 3, 2019–May 24, 2020
Boulder, CO, USA

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The Path of Forgiveness Workshop

February 29, 2020–February 29, 2020
Chapel Hill, NC

One day workshop with Karen Rivers

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