The School of Selflessness and the Way of Forgiveness

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with Karen Rivers

This online course was offered first live via Zoom July 20-24, 2020. The recorded content is now in the learning area for you.

At His death the Christ-Being poured Himself out into the spiritual Earth-sphere, so that humankind may become more and more able to participate in that which, proceeding from the Mystery of Golgotha, can pour forth spiritual forces into the souls and hearts of all human beings.

— R. Steiner

5 Lessons, 2 hours Each

There is a metaphysical reality to love and forgiveness that requires a collaborative effort between human beings and spiritual beings who actively engage in the evolution of life on the Earth within the law of karma. Human acts of forgiveness have the power to transform individual karma. Sacrifice of self-interest through forgiveness liberates boundless forces of spiritual beings from the necessity of creating new future situations on Earth for the compensation of past karma, and allows others to receive needed help by means of these liberated forces. These spiritual forces are freed to work in completely new forms or structures to promote evolutionary impulses.

This requires selflessness. In relation to our moral life, our understanding of the world, and in relation to all the activities of our consciousness soul, we must first overcome the self-seeking desires that still influence our moral, intellectual and emotional life. This is a duty of our present culture to the future. Humankind must become more and more selfless; therein lies the future of right living, and of all the deeds of love possible to earthly humanity. See a Flyer for this course HERE.

Lesson 1:

Rudolf Steiner indicated that egotism is at the root of all evil. Selflessness is the overcoming of egotism. In the midst of our materialistic world a school of unselfishness is a pressing need in our present culture. A renewing of responsibility, a deepening of our moral life, can come only through a training in unselfishness, and under the conditions of the present age only those can go through this school who have won for themselves an understanding of real, all-pervading selflessness.

Lesson 2:

The Four Sacrifices of Christ and the role of the Archangel Jesus demonstrate supreme examples of selflessness. Through their sacrifices human beings today have harmonized senses, life organs, and psychic organs, as selfless members of the human organism. This discussion addresses how it is our task today to learn unselfishness in our moral, emotional, and intellectual life, developing the “I” as a selfless member of the human being.

Lesson 3:

The Fifth Sacrifice of Christ, a second crucifixion which is occurring now, is introduced. Human intervention is needed to transform and heal the effects of this second crucifixion of Christ in alliance with the Archangel Jesus. The second half of this session introduces forgiveness, featuring the necessity to overcome egotism and embody the disposition of selflessness in order to forgive another.

Lesson 4:

The role of karma in relationship to forgiveness raises many questions. Understanding the two levels of karma: one’s personal karma which includes the need to balance all misdeeds of the past, and the objective or world karma that the Christ Being bears for humanity. What is our human responsibility to  redeem world karma which is borne as an immense burden by our Mother Earth. 

Lesson 5:

After addressing specific questions about forgiveness, requesting forgiveness, bestowing forgiveness, self forgiveness, the conversation focused on the responsibility of humanity to prepare for the coming Sixth Post Atlantean epoch in which the capacity for selflessness is a foremost moral quality. This new phase of evolution bears the characteristics and values of a new wisdom culture. The attributes identified by Rudolf Steiner present a dynamic inner life that challenge the life style of our time. Developing these conditions will only be possible with intentional preparation by individuals committed to deep personal inner transformation.

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