2016:  Pilgrimage to the Holy Land - April 15 - May 2, 2016
Click HERE to download a flyer with details on this incredible upcoming pilgrimage.

2014:  Pilgrimage to Peru: August 29 - September 13, 2014.  

When the Eagle of the North and the Condor of the South Fly Together, the Earth Will Awaken; Exploring the Sacred Sites and Mysteries of Peru.

A journey through many of the sacred sites in Peru uniting with the awakening forces of Mother Earth in our time. Lead by Robert Powell, Karen Rivers, Jorge Luis Delgado and Junia Gail Imel. Click here for a full report of the journey.

2012: Pilgrimage to South Africa, A Journey To The White Lions. The first Sophia Foundation pilgrimage to take place in South Africa was in connection with the mystery relating to the white lions of Timbavati as divine messengers—see reports in the Advent 2012 newsletter of the Sophia Foundation available as a free download (PDF) on this website (under Activities>Newsletter). Together with Linda Tucker, founder of the White Lion Protection Trust, in the grandeur of the natural world of South Africa, a Sophia Foundation group, led by Robert Powell and Karen Rivers, explored the task of the reconciliation of humanity with nature—the lions, since they are at the pinnacle of all nature, being the forerunners in relation to this reconciliatory task. September 2-16, 2012. Click here for a report that is not included in the Advent 2012 newsletter.

2010: Pilgrimage to the Grand Canyon, A Journey Through Time to the Divine Mother. The first Sophia Foundation pilgrimage to take place on the sacred soil of America in search of the desert mysteries of a timeless world. Rafting, hiking, singing, praying, and star gazing in the grandeur of the natural world, we will consider the task of future America, as it will emerge out of the culture of Sophia in the Philadelphia epoch. May 1-17, 2010. More Information

2008: to India, the Land of the Seven Holy Rishis. "The Grail goes East and meets the Soul of India", exploring the spiritual streams born in the land of Mother India, and inspired by the "Rose of the World", visiting holy sites sacred to different world religions, and meeting with spiritual leaders of various traditions. For reports and photos, click here. For background information, readings and meditations, click here.

2006: to Egypt focusing upon "Egypt as an Image of Heaven", the Egyptian mysteries, especially the Divine Feminine, and also upon the historical biblical events that took place in Egypt, including a visit to Mt. Sinai. More Information

2004: to Greece, a pilgrimage to the land of the ancient mysteries, to sow seeds honoring the Divine Feminine, and to unite with the soul and spirit of the Greek mysteries - also to visit the house of Mary in Ephesus and the cave of John on the island of Patmos. More Information

2002: to Italy, the land of the heart, and the land of Saint Peter and Saint Francis of Assisi. A one week workshop at the Raphael "House of Health", study, singing and doing sacred dance. A guided tour of Rome, Venice, Florence and Assisi. More Information

2000: to Chartres Cathedral in France and then to Britain to follow the path of the Druid and Christian mysteries in England, Wales, and Scotland (Iona). More Information

1998: to the South of France to explore the destinies of Lazarus, Mary Magdalene and Martha of the first century, the Grail Mysteries of the ninth century, and the Cathars (thirteenth century). More information

1997: to the Holy Land of Israel and Palestine to walk in the footsteps of Christ Jesus, Mary, and the Apostles. More Information

1996: to Turkey, exploring the seven cities mentioned in the Book of Revelation, including Ephesus, and also the isle of Patmos, sites Sacred to the Virgin Mary and John the Beloved. More Information

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