Grail Facilitator Training

The Sophia Foundation offers a Sophia Grail Circle Facilitator Training, held annually in California.  Many people have responded to the inner call to undertake the rigorous study, training of consciousness, and practice necessary to carry this work and ministry into the world. Imagine the Peace Service and other Sophianic celebrations taking place around the world, and what this kind of spiritual-communal work might mean for the present and future evolution of humanity and the earth. The SGC training serves toward the fulfillment of this goal: aiming toward the coming about of the new culture known as the Rose of the World—a culture based on Love, Wisdom, and Truth.

This detailed outline of the program, as well as this letter from Robert Powell, offer additional information about the Grail Facilitator Training. For information about the latest Sophia Grail Circle Facilitator Training, see our Events Page.   Feel free to contact the Sophia Foundation office with any questions or interest at [email protected], or by calling 303-242-5388.

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