Meditational Study Material

Meditational Study Materials

The spiritual work of the Sophia Foundation is oriented towards shaping a “Grail vessel” through shared spiritual activity.  It is intended as a contribution to the inner work of preparing the future culture of Divine Sophia known as the Rose of the World.  The Rose of the World is the spiritual flower that exists on a cosmic level, where each petal is a different religion and the stem is the one all-pervasive divinity that nourishes all the petals which form a unified blossom. It is an image of the future time when the Holy Wisdom of Divine Sophia prevails and humanity knows the unique, yet unified relationship of the world religions and spiritual traditions.

The foundational spiritual work offered through the Sophia Foundation includes the Main Exercise and the Subsidiary Exercises given by Rudolf Steiner in the First Esoteric School from 1904-1914, and the Daily Prayer Sequence given by Valentin  Tomberg and further developed in the sacred dance of eurythmy by Robert Powell.  These prayers and exercises are foundational for the spiritual work of the Sophia Foundation.

Meditation study materials which work in conjunction with these prayers and meditative exercises are available for inner development.  This inner work is at the heart of the Sophia Foundation. There are various areas of study offered, each of which has a unique focus.  The variety offers options for people with different interests.

Foundational Spiritual Work:

Main Exercise and Subsidiary Exercises by Rudolf Steiner.
Daily Prayer Sequence given by Valentin Tomberg, further developed by Robert Powell.


Meditation Study Courses:

Our Mother,” study course by Valentin Tomberg.  (Available after completion of the Lord’s Prayer Course.)


Sophia Grail Circle Study Material (Grail Guides): 

Prayer Sequence in Sacred Dance: Study material by Laquanna Paul and Robert Powell based on the Daily Prayer Sequence given by Valentin Tomberg.  

Morning Meditation to Sophia in Eurythmy: A path to deepen the Living Spirit of Sophia within one’s heart Through Rudolf Steiner’s Morning Meditation and the Eurythmic Sounds L, R, AU, M. Study material by Karen Rivers.


You may request Sophia Grail Circle Study Material directly from the Sophia Foundation administrative office. We request a $25 donation for each Sophia Grail Circle booklet, though if you would like to request a different donation amount that what is listed in our shop, please contact us.

If you are interested in any of the meditation study courses the first step is to begin with the free Introductory Study Material packet, and then the Foundational Spiritual work, which is foundational to all subsequent spiritual work.  You may then choose to work with a meditation study course. We recommend a $30 donation for each meditation study course installment.

Click here to download the Introductory Study Material packet.  This packet provides more information on the spiritual work of the Sophia Foundation and describes the study material offerings in more detail.

You can also view the Meditational Study Material in our shop for additional items of support.

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