Choreocosmos CD’s Available for Purchase

The recordings central to our Choreocosmos Program of the seven planets in the twelve signs of the zodiac are now available in a four CD set, Harmonies of the Starry Spheres: Music for the Seven Planets in the Twelve Signs of the ZodiacEach CD contains recordings for the seven planets in three of the zodiacal signs.  These pieces were performed by Marcia Burchard.

Also available on our website is music composed by Marcia Burchard for four-part chorus, sung by a quartet with piano accompaniment, for the prayers of the Sophia Foundation’s prayer sequence in her In the Beginning Was Sophia: Canticles.

Additional Items Available:

Kelly Calegar, the Director of the East Coast School of Choreocosmos, has made available the following Choreocosmos music CD’s for purchase:

  • The Zodiac Music (which also can be ordered here on our website)
  • The Music for the Planets
  • The Music for the Four Elements
  • The Music for the Prayer Sequence
  • The Music for the Liturgy to the Earth

These CDs are available via the website The links are in white at the top of the page – select Music CDs for Purchase. Kelly offers a very warm and special thanks to the talented and devoted pianists Ludmilla Lohbrunner-Gricenko and Sylvia Karpe, and much gratitude to Robert for his help and encouragement to take up the task of making these Choreocosmos CDs available.

Also via this same website, you can listen to two of Robert’s lectures chosen from the ten lectures that he held during his 5-day North Carolina workshop (July 2011). If you wish to do so, select Audio Files and you will see the two audio files on that page. Just click on the front of the audio bar and the audio will begin playing.

Kelly offers special thanks to Robert for his work in the world which has blessed many, and also for his permission to allow these treasures—his lectures—to be made available in this way. Hopefully you can find time to listen to them.

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