Singing as a Path of Joy

Singing as a Path of Joy and Inner Awakening

When singing, we open ourselves to those forces that lift us to the heights and depths of our being. We make our souls flexible and receptive to spiritual worlds. When singing we can awaken to an understanding of true tone, as a spiritual reality. This brings us into an experience of our whole being as a resounding column of tone. This can create balance and harmony within ourselves, leading to an inner coordination and inner balance through the world of tone.

The cultivation of hearing is an essential part of singing. An intensified listening carries the outer tone within, and the subsequent inner experience greatly affects the tone that can then be sung. Through conscious listening we experience inner transformation.  Thus, singing touches upon the deepest realities of the human experience.

When we sing together in a group, we unite on a level that harmonizes human souls, harmony in sound created through listening to each other and blending with each other. Singing weaves our inner being together with the etheric realm, with one another, and with the spiritual source of tone itself.

An introduction to singing as a path of joy and inner awakening is part of the program at the Rosamira Circle and at the Sophia Foundation conferences and pilgrimages.

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