Transformational Theater

Transformational Theater

Transformational theater has as its goal the metamorphosis of the human soul, the reintegration of that part of us which is separated from the divine. In his great play Faust, Goethe alludes to the mystery of metamorphosis as having to do with Divine Love and the Eternal Feminine – the latter considered as an active Power of Celestial Redemption. Moreover, the ancient mystery schools chose mystery drama as a path of initiation for those who earnestly strove for higher knowledge and divine redemption.

The theater was and may again become a place of moral inspiration, a sacred temple, a source for personal transformation where the Power of Celestial Redemption transforms souls. Through transformational theater one may experience a flash of clairvoyance, an awakening of conscience, an arising of an innate sense of truth and justice. Engaged in a drama of spiritual awakening, the actor/actress may become a priest/priestess, a vessel for sacred magic through the power of the Word, and may penetrate through the veil of illusion to perceive the archetype of the human being in metamorphosis, thus experiencing the cosmic drama of humanity in evolution.

Chrysalis Productions, the theater company of the Sophia Foundation founded by Karen Rivers has presented five major productions including Goethe’s fairytale, The Beautiful Lily and the Green Snake in 1995, Howard Pyle’s The Garden Behind the Moon in 1996, Edouard Schure’s The Sacred Drama of Eleusis in 1997, Arthur Maximilian Miller’s Parsifal in 1998, and Karen’s original work, The Mystery of Love in 2002.

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