Cosmic & Sacred Dance

Cosmic & Sacred Dance

Cosmic and Sacred Dance are schooling through music and movement, engaging the body, soul, and spirit, with the intention of aligning oneself harmoniously with the spiritual-cosmic world. It leads to a living experience of the earth and cosmos expressed in the inner life of Nature (four elements), and through the movements of the planets against

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Cosmic Dance

Cosmic dance (cosmic eurythmy) is a renewal of the ancient temple dances where the pupils were instructed in the mysteries of the elements relating to Mother Earth, then the mysteries of the planets in relation to the Cosmic Soul, and finally the mysteries of the zodiac pertaining to the World Spirit. Introductory courses of the School

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Sacred Dance

Sacred Dance Sacred dance (devotional eurythmy) is meditative movement to prayers and sacred texts. Through gestures and sacred forms, the heart’s offering in prayer weaves an ethereal fabric between the individual and the spiritual world which sustains an inner field of spiritual activity. Sacred dance unites the soul of the individual with higher realms of

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Eurythmy As a Spiritual Path

Eurythmy As A Spiritual Path Eurythmy means “harmonious rhythm” and is applied therapeutically to healing through movement. Body, soul, and spirit are harmonized through the wisdom-filled eurythmy gestures. In working with eurythmy as a path to Sophia, prayer (devotional) eurythmy and cosmic eurythmy deserve special mention. Devotional eurythmy (sacred dance) is a meditative movement to prayers

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