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Meditation Retreats

Meditation Retreats and Conferences Each year, the Sophia Foundation offers a Sophia Meditation Retreat for our community. Periodically the Sophia Foundation hosts conferences, open to all, to engage in various aspects of an unfolding consciousness of Sophia. Conferences may involve lecture, cosmic and/or sacred dance accompanied by live music, singing, transformational theater, prayer, meditation, star

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Cosmic & Sacred Dance

Cosmic and Sacred Dance are schooling through music and movement, engaging the body, soul, and spirit, with the intention of aligning oneself harmoniously with the spiritual-cosmic world. It leads to a living experience of the earth and cosmos expressed in the inner life of Nature (four elements), and through the movements of the planets against

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Grail Facilitator Training

The Sophia Foundation offers a Sophia Grail Circle Facilitator Training, held annually in California.  Many people have responded to the inner call to undertake the rigorous study, training of consciousness, and practice necessary to carry this work and ministry into the world. Imagine the Peace Service and other Sophianic celebrations taking place around the world, and

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Rosamira Circle The Rosamira Circle is a community of friends who come together monthly to celebrate the cycle of the year in its spiritual depth. We are devoted to the spiritual unity of humankind, drawing upon spiritual teachings from the great religions of the world and honoring the Cosmic Christ and Holy Sophia as Divine Beings of

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