Star Wisdom

What Is Star Wisdom?

Star Wisdom Looking back to the mystery temples of Egypt and Babylon, it is evident that profoundly intuitive star wisdom, embracing different aspects of human life, played an important role in the ancient mysteries. This star wisdom was an exalted science mediating between cosmic-spiritual dimensions and earthly life. For various reasons the star wisdom of […]

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Astrosophy The Sophia Foundation of North America was founded and exists to help usher in the new Age of Sophia and the corresponding culture of love and wisdom, the Rose of the World, prophesied by Daniel Andreev and other spiritual teachers. Part of the work of the Sophia Foundation is the  recognition of  the wisdom

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Journal for Star Wisdom

The Journal for Star Wisdom The Christian Star Calendar, renamed The Journal of Star Wisdom, has appeared every year since 1991. It is intended as a help to all people interested in the cosmic dimension of Christianity, which began with the star of the magi. The Journal comprises an ephemeris page for each month of

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The Sophia Foundation Is The Distributor For: A Computer Program For Charts And Ephemerides Written by Peter Treadgold The program includes a research module, a catalog of over 3000 stars, and a database of birth and death charts of many historical personalities ASTROFIRE is capable of printing out geocentric and heliocentric/hermetic sidereal charts and ephemerides throughout history.

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Astrogeo & Sinewave Softwares

ASTROGEO & SINEWAVE Computer Programs for Astrogeographical Research These two programs are intended to be used as astrogeographia research tools in conjunction with the book Astrogeographia – Correspondences between the Stars and Earthly Locations – A Bible of Astrology and Earth Chakras by Robert Powell and David Bowden—click here. Finding the answers to astrogeographia research questions is greatly

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