Important Considerations for Our Time

The Sophia Foundation’s endeavor is inherently spiritual in nature. Proceeding from the level of spiritual unity intrinsic to Sophia, Divine Wisdom, our striving, when it comes to interpreting current events, is to recognize the significance of these events against the background of world evolution, spiritually understood, taking account also of the lessons of world history (recognized as moral teachings), the rhythms of the stars, the role of karma and reincarnation, as well as other factors. Above all, we hold in consciousness that the evolution of humankind and the earth is guided by the Divine Wisdom of Sophia. Our striving is to approach the world situation from a spiritual perspective which transcends politics.

For the benefit of everyone viewing material on this website, attending any Sophia Foundation events, or reading material associated with the foundation, it is important to bear in mind that the objective of the lectures and workshops, including articles, videos, and research materials, is that everything is offered through the lens of a spiritually oriented perspective and is not to be confounded with divisive interpretations of contemporary political reality. Rather our objective is to find the seed and potential for the future culture known as the Rose of the World—a future which is grounded in the Heavenly Wisdom of Sophia and whose Life Sustaining Breath is the Divine Love of Christ. It is to the arising of the Rose of the World that the striving of the Sophia Foundation is dedicated.

As we work toward this future goal under the guidance of Christ and Sophia there are sometimes differing perspectives regarding the interpretation of current events against the background of world evolution, even when viewed through a spiritually oriented lens and the moral responsibilities of human beings toward humanity and nature are included in the considerations. Whatever each individual’s perspective might be, from Sophia’s standpoint freedom of speech and freedom of thought are always to be respected and upheld with mutual respect and politeness. We encourage everyone, in accordance with their individual orientation, to reflect and form their own understanding of life’s events.

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