Choreocosmos (from the Greek, meaning **cosmic dance) is a modern form of Cosmic and Sacred Dance, which represents a metamorphosis of the sacred temple dances of antiquity. The spiritual ideal of the Choreocosmos School is to align with the Divine and to celebrate the relationship of the human being with both the cosmos and the earth. The endeavor of Choreocosmos is to elevate the soul to a conscious experience of the harmony of the spheres, to an experience through which the divine origin of the human being becomes tangible. *

Choreocosmos comprises both sacred and cosmic dances, which are taught within the Choreocosmos School. The sacred dances express prayer and meditation in movement, aiming toward a profound experience of the living Word underlying creation (“In the beginning was the Word”). The cosmic dances are choreographed to classical music so as to resonate with the etheric movements of the four elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire), the seven planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn), and the twelve zodiacal constellations. As well as these choreographies, there are movements and gestures for the four elements, seven planets and twelve signs, which derive from the cosmic aspects of eurythmy, the new art form of etheric movement that came into the world through Rudolf Steiner during the first quarter of the twentieth century – eurythmy being an expression of the invisible life forces of the cosmos and nature.

...It has always seemed to me that, even as a child, I have been aware of unseen things around me, a certain sense of movement. I don’t know what to call them, sense beings perhaps, or spirits, or a kind of energy that stimulates the globe.” Martha Graham

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