Sophia is the wisdom that is the very fabric of our existence. She is so close, so pervasive, that we may not know how to speak of Her, or even know of Her existence. Sophia is the name we give to Her who has guided creation from the beginning. We know Her as beauty, as love, and as wisdom.

Sophia means “wisdom” in Greek. Wisdom can be defined as the ability to discern what is true, right and lasting. But Sophia is not merely an intellectual concept. In a higher sense, She is a living being with whom everyone can come into a relationship.

She has inspired men and women throughout the ages and in all cultures. It is Sophia who is at the heart of every true religion, guiding those who will to know and act in the light of what is true, right and lasting. She has been known as Radha, as Tara, as Prajna Paramita, as Isis, as Demeter, as Quan Yin, as Schekinah, and as the Virgin Mary.

Robert Powell, the author of The Sophia Teachings; the Emergence of the Divine Feminine in Our Time (link to MP3 download and Lantern Books, 2001), writes in his introduction: “I am not talking about an abstract quality […] I am referring to a living being, a being who is the Divine Mother of humanity, who cares for every one of us, who is deeply concerned about what is taking place in the world.

It is Sophia whom we seek as we strive to bring beauty, love, wisdom, justice, and peace into our dear world. The mission of the Sophia Foundation is to assist people to find and deepen a relationship to Sophia.

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