Music Is Central To The Choreocosmos Workshops

Through cosmic dance, it is possible to find a deeper relationship with the earth, the planets, and the zodiac, and thus with Sophia – the Soul of the Cosmos. Cosmic eurythmy aspires to lead one to an experience of the Harmony of the Spheres, culminating in cosmic communion.

Each of the 84 cosmic dances of the planets in the signs has its own music, drawn from the classical tradition. The music of Beethoven lends itself particularly well to the activity of cosmic dance. For Beethoven’s music draws upon the Divine Fire of the Central Sun of our Milky Way galaxy – Beethoven was born when the Sun was aligned with the Galactic Center (Central Sun) at 2° Sagittarius – and the Divine Fire is mirrored in the human being as the fire of the will. It is the fire of the will that is activated through cosmic dance, aligning the human will with Divine Will, whose nature is Divine Fire. For, as Rudolf Steiner indicated, the path of eurythmy is a path of development of the will – of the true will, which is cosmic in nature (“Not my will, but thy will be done”). Thus, 35 of the set of 84 cosmic dances of the planets in the signs are accompanied by the music of Beethoven, i.e. over 40% of the music for this set of 84. Indeed, it was his spiritual task to bring down the Divine Fire from the Central Sun into his music – truly a Promethean task! Further insight into this task is conveyed by the article on Beethoven’s destiny by Eugen Kolisko in the Fall 2005 issue of the newsletter of the Sophia Foundation.

In addition to the piano music from the classical tradition, some of the workshops are accompanied by violin music, also from the classical tradition. The reason for choosing classical music as the accompaniment to cosmic dance is that the classical tonal system comprising twelve major and minor keys corresponds to the twelve signs of the zodiac and is therefore suited to elevating the soul of the participant in the cosmic dances to the realm of the Harmonies of the Spheres, since it is drawn from and mirrors this realm. Moreover, the music of the great composers – Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and others – is a veritable treasure chest of powerful and uplifting music, still waiting to be tapped for its remarkable spiritual content. Thus, one of the tasks of the Choreocosmos School is to approach this music meditatively and draw sustenance from it, regarding the great composers as spiritual messengers who imparted their teachings through the tones of their music.

See also: Music as a Spiritual Path for more information.

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