Sophia Foundation

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Welcome to the Sophia Foundation


Willkommen - Bienvenue - স্বাগত - Bem Vindo - ברוך הבא - Velkommen - ترحيب

Bienvenida - 歓迎 - Karibu - Benvenuto 


"Serving to Help Create a Culture of Love and Wisdom"

The work of the Sophia Foundation seeks to further the spiritual development of each individual and to cultivate world consciousness of Sophia, Divine Wisdom.  The Sophia Foundation, a non-profit, educational and cultural foundation, is dedicated to help manifest the impulse of the Divine Being of Sophia on Earth.  The work of the foundation takes a variety of forms, each of which seeks to cultivate divine love and wisdom within human beings.  At the heart of the work of the Sophia Foundation is the deepening of one's relationship with the spiritual, the work of inner transformation, increasing human compassion for all living beings, conscious living in harmony with nature, peace as an inner and world condition, and the formation of spiritual community.  We invite you to explore our vision and activities.

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Dear Friend of Sophia,

Greetings!   We extend our warmest gratitude for your participation and support of Sophia Foundation activities.  We are so very grateful for the impulse you carry on this Earth; your participation significantly contributes toward creating a culture of love and wisdom. 


Mission Statement

The Sophia Foundation serves to help create a culture of love and wisdom



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