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As we enter the season of giving, aligned with our Annual Giving Campaign, we are deeply grateful to community member Kevin Dann for supporting our efforts in fundraising this year. He has written a beautiful letter to share with you.

Dear Friends of the Sophia Foundation,

As I pass within view of the Statue of Liberty on my daily travels, I am reminded of how her sculptor’s original conception of her was as Isis, one of humanity’s profound imaginations of Sophia. My appreciation for the community of friends around the Sophia Foundation is often renewed in these moments as I feel the collective efforts we share in reimagining and re-enlivening Sophia as she seeks to manifest in the world.

In this Fall season, as Nature’s life-sustaining forces wane while our spirit–seeking inner life waxes, we can feel the gratitude for the burgeoning signs of Sophia’s life that give us hope for the future.  Even though we still feel the effects of the Pandemic, small but promising signs of her presence inspire hope.  This Summer the board of the Sophia Foundation was able to meet in person with an impromptu small gathering of friends of the Sophia Foundation, and through your generous support new exciting works of Valentin Tomberg are now in print with more significant works on the way.

Each of us at this epochal moment in human history is surrounded by this dramatic shift we see around us, both in the seasons and in the confusion of life post-covid. As we seek to meet this uncertainty and imbalance, we are blessed to hold within our hearts the wisdom and practices gifted us by Christ and Sophia through the great teachers of humanity, and by the many impulses nurtured by the community around the Sophia Foundation. Wherever we live, wherever we travel, we are strengthened inwardly by the image of our brothers and sisters on every continent, united in their love and devotion to Sophia as bearer of the coming world culture, the Rose of the World. 

We invite you to support the mission of the Sophia Foundation, so that we can continue to create the vessel together for Her working into our world.


We express our heartfelt gratitude for your generous support. Please offer a gift to our Giving Campaign so that we may continue to expand our work in the world.

In Christ and Sophia,

The Sophia Foundation Board of Trustees

Robert Powell (Founder)

Karen Rivers (Founder)

Joel Park (Board Chair)

Michael Choy (Board Treasurer)

Phillip Malone (Trustee)

Cecille Greenleaf (Trustee)

Kim Marie (Administrator)

* Please note our current contact information is

Phone: 303-242-5388
Address:  4500 19th Street, #369, Boulder, CO  80304
Email:  [email protected]

In addition to cash donations, the Sophia Foundation also accepts the following, which allows tax advantages to the donor:

  • Appreciated assets, such as stocks and bonds
  • Required Minimum Distributions from Retirement Accounts
  • Tangible assets, such as cars, motorcycles, boats, and real estate.

Please contact our office if you’d like to contribute in any of these ways.


When you click the button above, you’ll be taken to a screen that allows for you to enter an amount, and also select to “Make this a Monthly Donation” if you wish. This makes it easy to offer an ongoing contribution to the work of the Sophia Foundation, and you can choose any amount to fit your budget.  The monthly cost of a dinner out goes a long way toward supporting our mission.

You are also welcome to mail your donation to:
Sophia Foundation
4500 19th Street #369
Boulder, CO 80304

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