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A Special appeal 2020

Dear Sophia Community,

Loving greetings to you as we live in the mood of Easter within the context of a world health crisis and a golden opportunity to reset our lives, our priorities, our vision and hopes for the future. We hope you are in good health and well-being.

We are writing to you to share something of the history of the Sophia Foundation and our current position. The Sophia Foundation was founded in 1994 on New Year’s Eve leading into the year 1995. This was exactly 72 years after the burning of the first Goetheanum on New Year’s Eve 1922/1923. 

During the past 25 years—a quarter of a century—we have served a growing community of people whose hearts are resonant with Sophia and Christ, the Lamb and His Bride. 

We are writing to you today, in the spirit of transparency, to share with you that our financial position is very precarious at this time. Our annual giving campaign in 2019 met with a minimal response. With our current financial base, we will not be able to keep our doors open through 2020.

One of our initial goals was to bring together Sophia friends from around the world. Robert, through his travels and dedicated schedule has sown seeds of Sophia communities on three continents, Europe, North America, and Australia. And now, in Ecuador on the continent of South America, where he is now living, a fledgling Sophia community has begun there also. We hope we can continue to weave the fabric of Sophia friends around the world into a unified community.

Over these years we have provided spiritual nourishment in the following ways:

Choreocosmos Cosmic and Sacred Dance

Sophia Grail Training and the Grail Knights Training

Annual Meditation Retreat

Sophia Grail Circles

Rosamira Circle


Meditation Materials and Grail Guides

Astrofire, soon to be offering Cosmofire

Starlight, the Sophia Foundation newsletter, available for download

Publications, CD’s, Prints, Videos

Articles on the website available for download

A website presence to inform interested people of our activities and resources, upholding the significance of Sophia now and for the future.

Additionally, Robert, in South America, has completed the Shambhala Path practices and is in the process of preparing two or more books for publication about this new spiritual path. His series of five videos on the Shambhala Path are now available through the Sophia Foundation; as well as audio files of many of his Shambhala Path lectures, together with transcripts of a substantial number of these lectures.  His various works—more than 25 books—offer a comprehensive foundation for Sophia and related studies. With his development of the Shambhala Path and other themes, Robert is continuing to provide new resources for our community.

Karen is currently working on a curriculum for a schooling in Sophia consciousness, founded on a vision to bring wisdom and peace into human hearts, into families, into communities, into nations, and into the world.  Forgiveness, Selflessness, and healing humanity’s relationship to nature are central to this work. These are pressing spiritual issues of our time, which further spiritual evolution, both for individual human beings and for the Earth. This training guides individual self-development, cultivating the capacity to learn through selflessness, forgiveness, and compassionate wisdom, to don the crown of Cosmic Love. This is Sophia’s hope for humanity.

If the Sophia Foundation provides a meaningful presence in your life, and these offerings are important to you, we ask you to help us survive this financial hurdle. We are seeking to raise enough money to enable us to continue. It is well known that most spiritual organizations are able to exist only through the generous support, in the form of prayers and material gifts from the people they serve. 

We ask for your support, in whatever way you can, so we can continue to serve you and our world-wide community. Also, if you know anyone who may be interested in financially helping the Sophia Foundation, please let us know. Thank you for considering this. We will keep you posted as to what our future holds.

With much love and gratitude to all of you who have been part of our programs and activities at any time over the past 25 years. Our hope is that the Sophia Foundation can continue for another quarter of a century to provide spiritual nourishment as an orientation to Sophia as bearer of the coming world culture, the Rose of the World.

Robert and Karen


We express our heartfelt gratitude for your generous support. Please offer a gift to our Annual Giving Campaign so that we may continue to expand our work in the world.

In Christ and Sophia,

The Sophia Foundation Board of Trustees

Robert Powell (Founder)

Karen Rivers (Founder & Board Chair)

Michael Choy (Board Treasurer)

Steven Lambeth (Board Secretary)

Audrey Wiebe (Trustee)

Phillip Malone (Trustee)

Joel Park (Trustee)

Kim Marie (Administrator)

* Please note our current contact information is

Phone: 303-242-5388
Address:  4500 19th Street, #369, Boulder, CO  80304

In addition to cash donations, the Sophia Foundation also accepts the following, which allows tax advantages to the donor:

  • Appreciated assets, such as stocks and bonds
  • Required Minimum Distributions from Retirement Accounts
  • Tangible assets, such as cars, motorcycles, boats, and real estate.

Please contact our office if you’d like to contribute in any of these ways.


When you click the button above, you’ll be taken to a screen that allows for you to enter an amount, and also select to “Make this a Monthly Donation” if you wish. This makes it easy to offer an ongoing contribution to the work of the Sophia Foundation, and you can choose any amount to fit your budget.  The monthly cost of a dinner out goes a long way toward supporting our mission.

You are also welcome to mail your donation to:
Sophia Foundation
4500 19th Street #369
Boulder, CO 80304

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