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Dear Friends of the Sophia Foundation,

It is with enormous gratitude that I write this Thanksgiving Letter on behalf of the Sophia Foundation at this time in human history, which is of unfathomable significance.

As members of the Advisory Board of the foundation, Robert and I have been privileged—from a particular portal in the Ecuadorian Andean mountain range—to witness and participate in the monthly board meetings of the Sophia Foundation. Thus, our hearts and conscious awareness have been called to bear witness to the ongoing tasks and events born of these conversations. 

It has been remarkable to us how the ideals and purposes carried by the Sophia Foundation have remained alive, still pulsing with inspiration toward new endeavors and creative outreach in these severely restricted times. Robert and I are witnesses to the strong heartbeat and constancy of this truth steadily working through the foundation.

Community is above all Sophia’s domain, wherein the laws of cosmic resonance serve to strengthen our emotional, soul and spiritual “immune system”, so that we can be supported, protected and carried through these challenging times.

Seeds of internal and eternal wisdom are nourished, watered and activated, whether it be through conversation one to one or in groups, attuning to the rhythms and eternal themes of the cosmos through participating in cosmic dance, in choral singing, in celebrating the tones and keys of great music inspired from the harmonies of the celestial spheres, in spiritual drama, enacting the great teaching stories from the times when the living Christ walked the earth, in listening to expositions upon—or in study—of the profound wisdom teachings of Rudolf Steiner, Valentin Tomberg, and other great teachers of humanity. So too, there is the spiritual call to synthesize these wisdom teachings and to take up the spiritual practices brought forward by Robert Powell and Karen Rivers and now also Joel Park, as many experienced this year 2021 at the Sophia Foundation retreat. 

Our communal activities have been a shared garden of opportunity to nourish our moral potential and to strengthen our resolve to be co-participants in the cosmic order that unfolds for us as we open and blossom into spiritual and soul maturity.  We might call this the strengthening of our “spiritual immunity”—as we mature into the deep faith that we are held, protected and guided by the Divine Love and Wisdom of Christ and Sophia.

The Sophia Foundation’s offerings and intentions bring a unique light into the world, providing a vessel for Christ and Sophia to seed the future with Love and Wisdom. 

As never before on the Earth, now is a time to support the furthering of these Sophia-inspired endeavors, which hold to the purpose of supporting the development and ennobling of humanity.

With your financial gifts of support needed for the continuation of the Sophia Foundation, we invite you—if you feel inspired to do so—to send remembrance of times spent in participating in activities of the Sophia Foundation, your accounts of significant spiritual insights or inspiring growth experiences arising from moments of beauty and gratitude that live on within you. In this way we can share our gratitude for the existence of the Sophia Foundation at this crucial time in human history.

Lacquanna Paul
Wife of Co-Founder Robert Powell
Advisory Board Member
Co-Author of Cosmic Dances of the Zodiac


We express our heartfelt gratitude for your generous support. Please offer a gift to our Giving Campaign so that we may continue to expand our work in the world.

In Christ and Sophia,

The Sophia Foundation Board of Trustees

Robert Powell (Founder)

Karen Rivers (Founder & Board Chair)

Michael Choy (Board Treasurer)

Audrey Wiebe (Trustee)

Phillip Malone (Trustee)

Joel Park (Trustee)

Cecille Greenleaf (Trustee)

Kim Marie (Administrator)

* Please note our current contact information is

Phone: 303-242-5388
Address:  4500 19th Street, #369, Boulder, CO  80304

In addition to cash donations, the Sophia Foundation also accepts the following, which allows tax advantages to the donor:

  • Appreciated assets, such as stocks and bonds
  • Required Minimum Distributions from Retirement Accounts
  • Tangible assets, such as cars, motorcycles, boats, and real estate.

Please contact our office if you’d like to contribute in any of these ways.


When you click the button above, you’ll be taken to a screen that allows for you to enter an amount, and also select to “Make this a Monthly Donation” if you wish. This makes it easy to offer an ongoing contribution to the work of the Sophia Foundation, and you can choose any amount to fit your budget.  The monthly cost of a dinner out goes a long way toward supporting our mission.

You are also welcome to mail your donation to:
Sophia Foundation
4500 19th Street #369
Boulder, CO 80304

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