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A Special appeal for Choreocosmos 2020

Dear Sophia Community,

Loving, heartfelt greetings to all dear friends in our Sophia community. 

At this seasonal time of giving thanks, we wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you who responded to our appeal earlier this year to help support the Sophia Foundation’s presence in the world.  Your generosity has allowed our endeavors to continue, in the face of dealing with the largest global transition that probably any of us have experienced in our lifetimes. 

As our social contact with each other has been constrained, and our daily routines have been altered, we currently experience a condition that can be likened in certain ways to the lives of the desert fathers, or the community that Moses led through the desert for forty years. Our outer social stimulus has decreased and the necessity for inner stimulus has increased.

This is a spiritual trial that calls upon the soul to effect an ever-deeper relationship with the spiritual world.

Judith von Halle, in her recent book, The Coronavirus Pandemic, carefully, objectively, identifies the cause of our current pandemic as materialism (predominantly materialistic thinking). Humanity, as a species, has become disconnected from the spiritual world. She comments on the effect of individual spiritual work:

The present time offers the best opportunity to practice soul exercises… For it is only in this way that the sources of new epidemics can dry up in the future, and healing powers become effective in one’s own organism and in the organism of humanity. If people could only see with physical eyes the effect on the macrocosmic context that the decision and its implementation to consistently practice [even] only one meditation by a single person, then probably no one would hesitate to undertake such an exercise themselves. For the possibilities are enormous.

This is the spiritual task at hand, which gives each of us agency in addressing the root cause of our world crisis. 

The Sophia Foundation serves as a wellspring of spiritual work to deepen our relationship with the spiritual world, and to heal ourselves and—beyond ourselves—our world, especially our dear Mother Earth.

One spiritual activity offered through the Sophia Foundation, Choreocosmos, Cosmic and Sacred Dance, whether practiced solo or with friends, catalyzes our sovereignty as spiritual beings seeking to connect with the spiritual world, and to transform ourselves, the earth and the heavens.  

Choreocosmos derives from the cosmic aspects of eurythmy, a new art of movement introduced to the world around one hundred years ago by Rudolf Steiner during a 12-year period (1912-1924). It brings to expression, through movement and gesture, the invisible life forces of the cosmos and nature. It awakens healing rhythms and harmony in the body, in community, and in nature.

Choreocosmos attunes participants to the cosmic dimension of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom, offering a path toward spiritual awakening and cultivating an awareness of the weaving together of the holy substance of Love and the divine essence of Wisdom foundational to all creation. You can see more about Choreocosmos here:

If Choreocosmos or any other spiritual-cultural activity sponsored by the Sophia Foundation provides a meaningful presence in your life—if any of our various offerings are important to you—please help us continue to serve you and our world-wide community by making a gift to support the ongoing work of our non-profit organization.

In this letter of appeal we are highlighting Choreocosmos as an activity of the Sophia Foundation in an effort to support the growth of this program, as those of you who value Choreocosmos might wish to make a special donation specifically earmarked for this program. The same holds true for any of our various offerings.

We hope that the Sophia Foundation will continue on into the future to provide spiritual nourishment as an orientation to Sophia as bearer of the coming world culture, the Rose of the World.

With much love and gratitude to you for being part of our programs and activities at any time over the past 25 years,

Robert Powell and Karen Rivers


We express our heartfelt gratitude for your generous support. Please offer a gift to our Annual Giving Campaign so that we may continue to expand our work in the world.

In Christ and Sophia,

The Sophia Foundation Board of Trustees

Robert Powell (Founder)

Karen Rivers (Founder & Board Chair)

Michael Choy (Board Treasurer)

Steven Lambeth (Board Secretary)

Audrey Wiebe (Trustee)

Phillip Malone (Trustee)

Joel Park (Trustee)

Cecille Greenleaf (Trustee)

Kim Marie (Administrator)

* Please note our current contact information is

Phone: 303-242-5388
Address:  4500 19th Street, #369, Boulder, CO  80304

In addition to cash donations, the Sophia Foundation also accepts the following, which allows tax advantages to the donor:

  • Appreciated assets, such as stocks and bonds
  • Required Minimum Distributions from Retirement Accounts
  • Tangible assets, such as cars, motorcycles, boats, and real estate.

Please contact our office if you’d like to contribute in any of these ways.


When you click the button above, you’ll be taken to a screen that allows for you to enter an amount, and also select to “Make this a Monthly Donation” if you wish. This makes it easy to offer an ongoing contribution to the work of the Sophia Foundation, and you can choose any amount to fit your budget.  The monthly cost of a dinner out goes a long way toward supporting our mission.

You are also welcome to mail your donation to:
Sophia Foundation
4500 19th Street #369
Boulder, CO 80304

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