Rosamira Circle

The Rosamira Circle is a community of friends who come together monthly to celebrate the cycle of the year in its spiritual depth. We are devoted to the spiritual unity of humankind, drawing upon spiritual teachings from the great religions of the world and honoring the Cosmic Christ and Holy Sophia as Divine Beings of Love and Wisdom. We celebrate the four cornerstones of the year [the summer and winter solstices and the vernal and autumnal equinoxes] with the solar festivals of Advent/Christmas, Easter, Pentecost/St. John’s Tide, and Michaelmas, which offer archetypes for the cosmic unfolding of the cycle of the year. We gather monthly to celebrate the spiritual unity of humanity throughout the entire year. With song, dance, and story, readings, prayer, and liturgy, we form a spiritual community, seeking to deepen the conscious unfolding of the human soul and spirit. The program addresses children, youth and adults who join together in the service of Love and Wisdom to walk in spiritual consciousness with open hearts toward the future. The gatherings are facilitated by Karen Rivers.

Rosamira in Russian means “the Rose of the World”, referring to the spiritual flower that exists on a cosmic level, where each petal is a different religion and the stem is the one all-pervasive divinity that nourishes all the petals which form a unified blossom. It is an image of the future time when the Holy Wisdom of Divine Sophia prevails and humanity knows the unique, yet unified relationship of the world religions and spiritual traditions. Mir means “peace” in Russian, and so Rosamira could also indicate “the Rose of Peace”.


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